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What Is the Best Thermostat Temperature for Summer in Daytona?

Living in Florida means battling that crazy hot, humid, ever-changing Florida weather to keep your home an oasis of comfort. But don’t panic, setting your thermostat right is key to striking that ideal balance between feeling good and keeping energy costs down, especially during those brutal summer months.

Dial it in properly and you’ll stay chill while your utility bills do too. If you need any tips, the HVAC pros in Daytona have got your back.

Recommended Thermostat Settings for Daytona, FL

Summertime around these parts usually means temperatures ranging from 73-93 degrees. When it’s that hot out, the best thermostat temperature is anywhere between 78-80 degrees. Not too cold, not too warm.

That’s the zone for peak comfy vibes without wasting energy (and money). Going any lower might feel great at first, but it’s just inefficient and will increase your energy bills.

Here’s a pro hack: When you’re out running errands or at work, crank that bad boy up 7-10 degrees for 8 hours. That may sound toasty, but it can save you up to 10% annually on cooling costs. Just set it back down before arriving home to that perfect chill.

Factors That Influence Thermostat Settings

Of course, the ideal thermostat temp can vary based on a few factors:

Outdoor Temperature: If it’s cooler out, you can set it a bit higher. Hotter days may require dialing it down a notch.

Humidity Level: When it’s extremely humid, temperatures feel muggier than they actually are. You may need to go a little lower to counteract that.

Time of Day: Temperatures rise and fall daily, so you may want to adjust hourly/nightly for consistent comfort.

Personal Preferences: Some like it cooler, some prefer it warmer. At the end of the day, adjust the temperature based on what feels good for you.

Smart Thermostat: These nifty gadgets can self-adjust according to your routines and schedule to save money.

Should I Keep My Thermostat on ‘Auto’ or ‘On’?

Most thermostats give you the choice between “Auto” and “On” fan modes:

Auto Mode

Runs the fan only when heating/cooling, conserving energy. But has less consistent airflow.

On Mode

A continuous fan for steady air circulation uses more power but is ideal for drafty homes, allergies, etc.


So which to choose? If top energy efficiency is a priority, go Auto mode. If consistent air distribution trumps cost concerns, On mode may be preferable.

How to Set Your Thermostat Before You Leave

Planning an extended vacay? Don’t just let the thermostat run wild:

Heating or Cooling: Decide if you want to keep the place cooled enough to avoid major humidity buildup.

Trip Length: For shorter trips, a minor adjustment may suffice. Longer vacations warrant bigger changes.

Cost Considerations: Weigh whether maintaining a controlled climate is worth the cost vs potential discomfort upon return.

Return Temperature: Program that thermostat to start re-cooling hours before you get back. Arrive to pure blissful chill.

Final Thoughts

Proper summer thermostat setup makes a huge difference in comfort and costs. Follow the guidelines here, factor in your Florida home’s quirks, and you’ll find that perfect middle ground. If you need backup, Service Minds One Hour has top-notch thermostat services.

Why not just pick up the phone and chat with one of our friendly technician pros? They’ll be more than happy to talk you through getting that thermostat dialed in or any other AC repairs you might need.